“Just Buy a New One”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “just buy a new one”, “if you want it just buy it”, or “you have the money, just buy a new one”. Yes, we are fortunate that we are in the position to afford to buy things when we want or need them, but I believe a big part of that is because we often refrain from doing so. And it’s not just the money. I try to save things from going to the landfill so soon if they can be repaired, and oftentimes the effort I put in to making things new again is so rewarding. Here’s a look at my most recent project. Hopefully it will inspire you to freshen up or repair something around the house and save yourself a trip to the store (and save you from filling up your garbage can this week). 

Baby Sleeper Repair

Our little one has been crawling around like crazy and he likes to use his big toes to push off. I love that he finds so much joy in speeding across our floors, however he has been wearing holes in all the feet of his sleepers. 

The foot on the right side of this picture has already been repaired, but you can see the nice big toe hole on the left

I tried just repairing the home itself on a previous sleeper, but as these years are more like runs you aren’t left with much material or a very nice look at the end. This time I decided to replace the “toe plate” entirely, and used some scrap denim. There’s no way he’s digging a hole again!

I turned the sleeper inside out and unstitched the entire piece that was torn, using the piece I removed as a template. 

Unstitch toe piece of sleeper foot with the tear

Pin unstitched piece to denim and cut out shape

New denim piece ready to add to sleeper foot


I then turned the sleeper right side out and figured out how I needed to pin my new piece. Pinning it lightly in place I turned the sleeper back inside out and pinned the piece properly in place. 

Use the unstitched piece to figure out how to attach the new piece

Using a tight zig zag stitch attach new toe piece

Using a zigzag stitch (I use width 5 and length 1) stitch new piece onto sleeper. Once attached turn sleeper back right side out and enjoy it good as new!

What kind of projects have you taken on to freshen up an old item and save yourself from buying a new one? What a great Buy Nothing/Zero Waste project to finish off this month’s challenge!


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