Earth Day A-ha!

How has your Earth Month beeen going? We’ve had a pretty successful one, trying to be more cognizant of our waste, repurposing or reusing more, and connecting with our neighbours in a gift economy. We’ve also been able to organize and declutter which is always refreshing in the spring. 

Yesterday was Earth Day, and to celebrate I participated in The Great Diaper Change, an international event wherein as many people as possible change the cloth diaper on their little ones all at the same time. It was a nice day to connect with other cloth-minded mamas and to scope out a used diaper sale!! (I was good and didn’t buy anything, although I did win a diaper!)

I also had a big Aha! moment yesterday in regards to our garbage and composting situation. As part of thr Buy Nothing – Zero Waste Challenge we are producing much less garbage every week. This means that, because of our current set-up I have to stoop to fill our compost bin under the sink all the time, and I’m rarely opening our kitchen garbage which is much more accessible. 

White kitchen garbage on the left, blue recycling bag, and small brown compost bin

My big realization yesterday was to reverse the garbage and compost, so now we can add compost to a paper bag in the “kitchen garbage can”, and I only have to stoop to tuck garbage into the small brown bin occasionally when we have stuff that can’t be composted or recycled. 

I’m also hoping that this set up will encourage us to produce even less garbage as the space to put it is so much smaller, and it’s inconvenient to use (probably a big reason why many people don’t compost as much as they can). 

There are only a few more days left in the month but I’m looking forward to many more earth friendly activities now that the weather is nice, such as cycling, gardening, and minor house repairs. 


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