Veggie Scraps

Often times when you are cooking you find yourself with many ends of vegetables that you would not consider eating. These scraps often end up in the compost, or at worst, the garbage. Instead of tossing these onion tops, celery leaves, carrots peels, and red pepper scraps into the trash, save them in a bin in your freezer. Gradually add in these scraps until you have time toss them into a pot, cover with water and make yourself a vegetable stock. You can use this stock to make soups, to flavour your rice or quinoa, or to add to other dishes. You can also do this with saved bones if you eat meat. 

Pour a small amount of oil in a large stock pot. Add the veggies and/or bones (caution if these are still frozen as the water frozen in the products can cause the oil to splatter) and brown for 5-10 minutes. Add water to cover the veggies or bones and bring to a boil. Let simmer 30 minutes. Cool and strain out the solids. Either use the stock immediately to make a soup, or save to use in different recipes to replace stock. I often divide it up in 1-2 cup portions and freeze for a later date. 


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