Save Your Bacon

Save your bacon! Okay, so I don’t often buy bacon, but every so often it ends up on sale and we enjoy it as a treat. Since it’s just the two of us it’s hard to get all that bacon consumed before it goes bad without suffering some serious consequences (e.g. tummy aches, chest pains, and backside expansion!). We save our bacon by rolling up individual slices and freezing it on a tray before tossing it into a freezer bag or plastic container. The frozen bacon keeps very well and I can take out the individual slices when needed. 

When cooking bacon, we like to bake it on a rack with an aluminum foil-covered baking tray underneath to catch the grease. It takes about 20 minutes at 250 degrees, turning once, and the bacon is a little less greasy then when made in the frying pan. It’s also quite delicious.

I also like to save the fat in a mason jar in the fridge to use as a fat alternative in my cooking. I pour the grease from my cooking into a glass jar I store in the fridge, avoiding any little bits and pieces so it’s just the clean grease. You can also filter it through a coffee filter to keep i extra clean. It’s a nice treat when frying up perogies or potatoes 🙂


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