Earth Month Day 5

I feel I’m doing pretty well so far with this challenge. In the past few days I’ve decluttered and given quite a few things away, I’ve significantly reduced my garbage (hoping to put out only a chip bag worth of garbage for the past two weeks – and looking to reduce even further from there!), and I’ve also eliminated our use of plastic and resources, and I’ve tried to connect with neighbours more often. Check out some of my successes so far this month:

  1. Made bread at home = one less trip to the store and 1 less plastic bag
  2. Made crackers at home = no box or bag to put in the trash/recycling
  3. Made yogurt at home = saved $$ and no plastic tub to put to the curb
  4. Made all our meals at home
  5. Made baby food from scratch instead of purchasing prepackaged pouches or jars 
  6. Made coffee at home and brought a coffee and muffin with me both days so far this week so I didn’t buy one while out = saving the container waste and $$
  7. Breastfed my baby for the past 9 months (whatever you choose to do is best and no hate coming from me, but I had to add it to my Earth Month win because of the reduced waste and savings)
  8. Started some more veggies from seed to grow this year, received from someone on my Buy Nothing group. 
  9. Made plant markers out of pop cans and old hangers I received from my Buy Nothing Facebook group
  10. Eliminated or significantly reduced the need for paper products in my home (eg paper towel, sanitary products, note pads…)
  11. Collected plastic bags to drop off at our local TAKE IT BACK program for recycling 
  12. Organized and collected cloth diapers and supplies to donate to a local charity to help other families ditch disposables
  13. Cloth diapered my baby for the past 9 months 
  14. Pottied my 9 month old, saving on diapers and reducing my cloth diaper laundry to 2 loads a week (stay tuned for my post on elimination communication)
  15. Did laundry after 7pm to stay off-peak, reducing the burden on our system and saving $$
  16. Turned the heat down every time I went out, saving energy and $$
  17. Kept the lights off when I didn’t need them as the days are finally getting longer
  18. Planned my outings so that as little driving as possible was done

I believe we were able to reduce our utilities bill by $20 last month, so I’m excited to see what we can do this month 🙂 

How have you done so far this month? Any ideas on what to tackle next? 


2 thoughts on “Earth Month Day 5

  1. Really would like to tackle the making yogurt at home as my DH goes through a LOT.. but he is all about the Greek yogurts for the protein so not sure I’m ready for that! I would love to encourage my family to do the toilet flush only if it’s solids.. at least when we don’t have guests 🙂

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    • Yes! You may want to try making it with whole milk with a Greek starter to see how that compares 🙂 We tried the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” for a while but found our toilet bowl was getting a little gross. Probably could have just cleaned it more often. Let me know how it goes if you decide to do it 🙂


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