Earth Month

As many of you know, April 22nd is Earth day and I have expanded it into Earth Month for myself. Recently, I joined a BuyNothing7 Challenge organized by Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller. These two individuals have done amazing work when it comes to connecting with your neighbours, reducing consumerism and our need for stuff, and developing an understanding of the difference between needs and wants as part of their Buy Nothing movement (including facebook groups throughout the world) and this most recent challenge. 

Over the next month I will work to give more, ask my friends and neighbours for help with various projects, make items from their basic components, fix things that need to be fixed, reflect on my needs vs. wants, try to limit my use of resources, work to bring my community together to share and help each other, and to be kind both to myself, the environment, as well as to those around me. 

If this is something that you think would work for you, please join me on this journey. I will try to post something each and every day wherein I am working towards these ideals. My ultimate goal is to not purchase anything outside of my basic groceries, fuel, and monthly bills for this month – wish me luck!. Please join me on this journey and share with me the efforts you are making to change how to move, act, and feel about yourself and the world around you. 


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