Clean Your House in 20 Minutes

All this sharing of cleaning products got me thinking about how I clean. We used to be a multi-hours-long-cleaning-session-on-the-weekend kind of family, but since adding to our family we decided to change it up for a few reasons. One, I didn’t like wasting our valuable weekend family time cleaning our house. Two, with a little one it’s hard to block off anywhere from 2-4 hours all at once and expect not to be interrupted or have various needs to meet (and carring a baby on your back while you clean makes the job a lot harder). 

I considered all kinds of suggestions including hiring out our cleaning, but because I’m a little picky on how things are done (and with what they are done), didn’t want to tidy up so I could pay someone else to clean, and I didn’t want to have to get out of the way at a particular time to allow someone to do it, I decided to break up the work for myself during the week. I now clean for 20-30 minutes 5 days a week and I’m able to clean my house a lot better than I was probably doing before because I’m not exhausted or rushing by the end of it. 

Here’s how I get it done:

Mondays: Tidying

I “tidy up” including picking stuff up, putting stuff away, folding blankets on the couches, putting laundry away, reorganizing one thing or another…depending on what needs doing. Basically, I get myself ready to clean for the rest of the week, similar to what I would do if I were to hire someone to clean my house. 

Tuesdays: Dusting, windows and mirrors

Ok, so I don’t do the windows every time, but probably every other time or every 3 times at the minimum, which is a lot more than I was doing before. I dust a lot better, too, because I have the time to do all the surfaces, nooks and crannies, doors, corners, ceilings…and I even have time to pick stuff up and dust under it so I don’t get the infamous line behind photos or my jewelry box to clean once a year. 

Wednesdays: Vacuuming and sweeping

I vacuum all the carpets, sweep and swiffer all the floors, get under the bed and under dressers, and even sometimes I get to vacuuming the couch!

Thursdays: Kitchen and mopping

I clean my kitchen up every day so I don’t have things like a big stack of dishes or junk laying around (tidied up on Monday!), so today I do a deep clean. I usually rotate through what needs doing because not every task needs to be done all the time. Regular tasks include deep cleaning my sink and stove, washing the handles of my fridge/dishwasher/oven/countertops. I will also alternate wiping down my cupboards, cleaning my fridge, cleaning out my drawers, cleaning the dishwasher…I find I am able to get to these other tasks much more frequently because I’ve broken the work down, and so it’s not an insurmountable task when I get to it. I also don’t stress about these tasks: if I have time, great. If not, I just do it the next time. 

I also mop my kitchen floor, bathrooms, and occasionally the hardwood depending on how things are looking. 

Fridays: Bathrooms

I separate bathrooms from everything else because, well, they’re gross. And a lot of work of scrubbing. And I don’t like cleaning the bathroom. Because I do the mirrors, dusting, and floors on other days, however, I only have to clean the shower/tub, sink, and toilet, making the work much more manageable in 20 minutes!

Saturdays and Sundays: NO CLEANING!

Sometimes I get busy or lazy or tired and I don’t clean the bathroom on Friday, so I have to do it on the weekend, but again, because it’s only those three things it’s so much easier to fit in around our fun family stuff. 

Oh yeah, and I do laundry every 2-3 days. That I haven’t figured out how to out-source 🙂


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