Buy Nothing T minus 4

Okay, I’m through my second day buying nothing and connecting more with those around me, and just four days off from my big April challenge. Today was another success, although I spent most of my day out and about driving around, and as I hope to also limit my use of resources, I didn’t do so well in this regard. 

Some wins for today:

  • Enjoyed a coffee at home and avoided purchasing one in a disposable cup!
  • Met a friend for a hike instead of our usual lunch at a restaurant AND packed a lunch so I didn’t have to buy one while out
  • Breastfed my 9 month old (ok, it’s free food so I had to put it here!)
  • Borrowed a dremel tool from a friend to work on some gardening projects I have coming up instead of buying one myself (THANK YOU!)
  • Donated on my Buy Nothing facebook page and had one of my asks replied to

I’m looking forward to the challenge coming up so soon, as well as the next few days to see what I’m able to do. I’m also excited to see my statements at the end of the month!

Have you joined me yet on this adventure? How have you done? Any changes you have or are thinking of making?


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