Spring Cleaning and Buy Nothing: T minus 5 days

I’m getting a head start on my April challenge today with many little projects and activities to keep me busy. Stay tuned for my blog post on March 31st for the details, but for now I’ll just tell you I’m going to be celebrating an Earth Month instead of just Earth Day this year and hope you will join me on this adventure. 

This week my goal is to not buy ANYTHING (except my basic necessities of groceries and fuel…and to keep even these to a minimum). So far today I feel I’ve done pretty well! My biggest issue with spending money is buying coffee and a “treat” when I’m either out and about or for something to do, so I’ll be working on eliminating that expense or at least keeping it to a minimum. 

Here’s what I got up to today:

  1. Made yogurt from scratch (hoping to get a chance to blog about this soon!)
  2. Collected maple sap from my tree out front (as it is FINALLY warm enough)
  3. Made DIY plant markers out of recyclables and other stuff I had around the house (check out my post on that from earlier today!)
  4. Gifted items to two members of my local Buy Nothing group
  5. Put a request out on my local Buy Nothing page
  6. Dropped a bag full of stuff people from my Buy Nothing group weren’t interested in in the St. Vincent de Paul charity bin
  7. Fixed the St. Vincent de Paul charity bin which was jammed open with a Barbie Doll (Ken, to be specific) and tossed in six bags that were sitting by the bin in the rain
  8. Sold two pieces of clothing I really liked but never wore (and made $40!)
  9. Watched some of my seedlings sprout today
  10. Enjoyed some scrap beer grain banana bread I made last night (similar recipe to my Spent Grain Apple Muffins post)
  11. Went to a free baby drop in nearby for something to do on this cold rainy day
  12. Didn’t buy a coffee or snack out even though I drove past Tim Horton’s TWICE. 
  13. Made plans with a friend to go for a hike with a packed lunch tomorrow instead of our usual lunch date at a restaurant (soooo proud of this!)

I’m pretty happy with how today went and I’m looking forward to tackling more projects and habits throughout the week! 

How did you spend your Monday? What are some of your more expensive habits you could do without? How do you try and reduce  your spending and/or consumption? 


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