DIY Power Bars

Energy bars are a great product for fuelling intense workouts and sometimes even as a healthy snack on the go. They are convenient, packed full of nutrients and a simple way to consume and digest a large number of calories with little effort and time. Unfortunately, they are marketed as a product that should be consumed regularly, by everyone, even when not exercising, resulting in additional calories and sometimes questionable substances entering your system, literally tipping the scales. They are oftentimes an unregulated product (when consiered a supplement and not a food) with a variety of ingredients and synthetic proteins and agents designed to make you a better, stronger, faster person. Right. Not to mention all the waste produced with these individually wrapped snacks that you may or may not toss as you ride down the road or trail. They’re a product that makes living the “low impact way” (meaning spending less, wasting less, wanting for less) quite challenging, given the processing, packaging and shipping, and cost of these products. 

Even so, they are a product that I find I “need” to sustain me through longer bike rides or when taking care of my little man means I miss a meal or two. As such, I hunted down a recipe that I could use to make a snack bar that met my energy, convenience, and taste requirements. And wow is this it!   It’s a great snack bar that tastes amazing and has only two ingredients. All the binding agents, sugars and protein come innately in these ingredients without a need for additives. I like these because I know exactly what is in them and they are easy to make, easy to digest, and easy to snack on while riding 30km/hr. Not bad!


1 cup cashews

1 cup chopped dates


I like to chop the dates into little morsels to make it easier for my food processor to handle, but if you have a killer machine then just dump everything together and whirr away! In your food processor add the dates and cashews and process until a fine, grainy mixture that starts to clump together and falls away from the sides of the bowl. You want to avoid turning the cashews into butter, but process enough that when pressed together this mix holds its shape. Shape them into bars or balls and pack away in your container of choice for an easy, healthy snack on the go! 

Makes 6 bars

Nutrition [per bar(total)]: 204 (1226) kcal, 10 (63) g Fat, 5.5 (22) mg Na, 41.25 (165) g CHO, 4 (16) g fibre, 6.25 (25)g PRO. 

I hear you can do the same thing with peanuts and raisins for a nice “peanut butter and jelly” blend but I have yet to give in a try 🙂


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