Becoming Maman

I thought I would start off this page with what started it all – becoming a mama. Before having kids, even before getting pregnant, the idea of being a mum was all theoretical. In fact, everything that I do day in and day out, until I have done it, is all theoretical. Yes, you will talk to some parents that say, “Oh, I will raise my child (this way or that)….”, but seriously, everything is just in theory. Those of you who have been parents for a long time will know this, and those of us very early on in the trenches are discovering it quite quickly. We can read all we want, plan all we want, expect all we want, but in the end those are just theories that need to be tested, experiment after experiment, day in and day out, with the children we have and the families we are raising. 

Although us parents today are lucky to have loads of information at our fingertips, we unfortunately have loads of information at our fingertips. It is no longer about asking your mom or your bestie what they did or recommend for feeding/clothing/exercising/educating/stimulating/training your little one. Now all you need to do is post your question of the moment to your 2,000 closest facebook friends or mommy groups and you will be inundated with opinions, resources and methods for you to raise the perfect child. Even if your goal is to not raise the perfect child, there are specific consultants, methods, and products out there to help you do just that! This can be very helpful at 1am when struggling with your worry of the moment, but it can also scare the pants off you!

I hope you join me in this journey of discovery of intentional parenting, green living, and health promotion as I try and sort through all the information out there to guide my decisions, and hopefully make the process a little easier for you!


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